Let us fit your teleprompting needs!

One prompter does not fit all. We have a variety of teleprompting mounts to accommodate your project or event.




Traditional Camera Mounted: Teleprompter is hard-mounted to top of tripod head. It moves pans, tilts or otherwise moves along with the camera. Reflective glass mounts in front of camera lens. Monitor sizes vary from 8" to 20".

Roll-up-in-front-of-the-lens: Entire teleprompter configuration is mounted on top of a combo stand and then rolled in front of the camera lens. Reflective glass is thus positioned in front of camera lens. This enables the camera to be instantly "prompter free" if necessary. Shots are limited to lock down shots -- zooming in and out only.; no panning or tilting. Monitor sizes vary from 9" to 20".

Direct View/Wild Monitor: Teleprompter monitor is placed or mounted where eyeline is desired. There is no reflective glass or hood -- just a monitor of chosen size to feed lines to talent. This configuration is ideal for specific eye-line prompting where direct eye contact with the camera lens is either not necessary or not desired. Monitor sizes vary from 5" to 20".

Jib Mount: Teleprompter monitor is mounted above camera lens at the end of the jib arm. Weight varies depending on size of prompter monitor. If desired, teleprompter can be mounted with reflective glass in front of the camera lens.

Steadicam/Handheld Mount: Teleprompter monitor is mounted on the camera lens shade above the lens or mounted off the camera handle using a flexible mounting arm. Monitor sizes vary from 5" to 9".

Presidential Teleprompting Set-up: Used in live speech presentations. Configuration consists of a set of teleprompter monitors, telescopic poles topped with reflective glass. Includes shrouds. Traditionally positioned in front of a lectern.


All flat panel display monitors are color.

8, 12, 15 & 20" teleprompter mounts include a sliding balance plate, riser (hi-hat), optional counterbalance weight; standard or wide-angle trapezoidal mirror hood with corresponding reflective glass (mirror).

8" & 12" teleprompter mounts include the above and/or have the option of a fold-up style glass.


The introduction of flat panel display monitors to the teleprompting world expanded the options for flexibility and creativity. We shelved our old style CRT monitors, sought out the highest quality flat panel displays and stocked up on a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether at the end of a jib arm, suspended above a steadicam camera lens, or "floating" from the ceiling, flat panel displays (LCDs/Plasmas) have revolutionized the many applications for teleprompting. Add to that our incredibly comprehensive teleprompting software and competent, professional technicians -- we are ready to roll up our sleeves and get the job done.

A listing of our monitor sizes and the more traditional (suggested/common) uses follow -- with brief specs on each individual monitor. For more technical info, simply click on the link. Or give us a call! We're happy to answer any and all of your questions.

Please click on monitor size for specs.


This small, lightweight monitor is used most commonly with a Steadicam or Handheld camera. It mounts on top of the camera lens shade. It can also be suspended on top of, left or right of the camera lens with a flexible arm-style clamp. Additional uses are numerous and varied. Works best with interior shots.


This monitor has the same uses as above. However, because of the increased size and nits, it works better with external shots. Like it's smaller sibling, it's design allows a variety of mounting options.


This unit is called the DV-8. It was specifically chosen from the Telescript collection and is designed to accommodate the increasing use of "prosumer" type cameras. It features a convenient fold-up mirror and soft hood assembly for easy transport for the on-the-go productions. The glass mounts in front of the lens allowing the talent to look directly into the lens. Depending on the size of the font, it works great when the talent is 4-12 feet from the camera.


Whether on a tripod or flying at the end of a jib, these sweet little monitors can be mounted off the camera handle, or go-bo'd from pretty much anywhere the talent's eye-line needs to be. It is a direct-view style; no reflective glass used.

12" (Traditional Mount)

This mount is our most popular. In addition to being used in a traditional set-up, it can adapt to fly at the end of a jib.

12" (Jib Mount)

This is a very slim, lightweight monitor that works beautifully at the end of a jib. It mounts above the lens -- a direct-view style -- where no reflective glass is used.

15" (Traditional Mount)

This mount features the same specs as the above 12" traditional mount. It's just bigger and slightly heavier.

15" Hi-Brite

We sought out the best teleprompter for outdoor use and chose Mirror Image.

Mirror Image is the industry leader in outdoor teleprompting. With the brightest LED backlight monitors available and our LIGHT-TIGHT hood design keeping ambient light off both monitor and mirror. Side shields are standard on all Camera Prompters.

Top-of-the-line field/studio teleprompter with a remarkably bright, crisp image! With up to 1800 NTS makes this the brightest 15" prompter on the market. Recommended for outside shoots. 6 times brighter than a conventional CRT screen. Great for prompting text, webcasting or teleconferencing.

This monitor's remarkably bright, crisp image makes it a favorite with working outside - when talent is up to approximately 25 feet.


This monitor can be used as either a traditional mount - with hood and reflective glass -- or as a direct-view mount on the top of a rolling or static combo stand.

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